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Ken Bloom May 15, 2024

Ken Bloom grew up in Los Alamitos, CA which is in Orange County.  After High School, he attended UCLA where he played baseball for four years while earning a degree in Economics.   After graduating from UCLA in 1984, he moved to the Silicon Valley area in Northern California where he began his career in the computer chip industry.  Ken worked for Maxim Integrated Products for over 20 years in various operations, customer service, and sales roles.  In the 90’s Ken and his family moved to the London area where he set up the sales and operations organization for Maxim in Europe.  He set up offices in London, Paris, and Munich and hired over 100 local people to establish a local sales and operations presence.    After 6 years abroad, he returned to California and ran several sales organizations for Maxim which had him travelling extensively throughout Asia and the US where he made many wonderful relationships on top of the relationships that he made while in Europe.  

Ken decided to challenge himself in a different direction after 23 years at Maxim and set up his own company focused on consulting with tech companies where he could leverage the global relationships that he had made throughout his career.  After 10 years on his own, He was coaxed by a good friend to return to the corporate sales world and worked for Dell Computer for 4 years.  He finished at Dell to spend time with his elderly parents.  Ken still dabbles in the consulting world but on a very limited basis and only with his hand-picked clients.


Ken and his wife Linda were married in 1985 and they have 3 daughters, 2 sons in law and 2 granddaughters.  Ken and Linda have been living in Bluffton for about 4 years and are very fortunate that two of the three daughters and families have followed them to Bluffton and most importantly, the granddaughters are here too.  Ken loves sports, the outdoors, making memories and spending as much time as possible with his friends and family which makes Bluffton the perfect landing spot for him and Linda.

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