Bluffton Rotarians,

Have you noticed anything a little bit different at our weekly meetings? No, we're not one of those "singing clubs" now, but I have added some content to our agenda. Thanks for your acceptance and feedback thus far. Based on the turnout for the Sandbar party, my own austere personality hasn't yet wrecked the club's reputation for having good entertaining parties.

Thanks to all who helped with that event, even if your only participation was reducing the amount of liquid refreshment that had to get hauled back to the mainland.Looking forward we have several events approaching: Heel to Toe, Happy Feet, Arts & Seafood, etc. Please support these events in as many ways as you are able. As a club, we will be making several charitable donations in the upcoming months that should help remind us why we volunteer with such fervor.Keep your eyes out for several interesting speakers coming up including our District Governor on September 22nd. Thanks for your continued support! 

President Wil