Exciting news! The Bluffton Rotary has approval for its 2016 International Water Project and work is underway. 

With approval of this Global Grant from Rotary International and our Rotary District 7770, in conjunction with Rotary District 4465 in Peru, we will be bringing clean, safe water to the community of Miramar in the Piura Region of Peru this summer. 

The community of Miramar consists of 700 families with a total population of 2,800.  The families there are, for the most part, subsistence farmers who live on approximately 150 UDS/month.  The contaminated water in the village is a major source of illness, cholera and malaria which is prevalent in the community.  We are partnering with Water Missions to install a clean water treatment system that will filter out the physical contaminates and disinfect any microbiological contaminants. 

We are especially excited about this project because the Rotary Club Paita Centro in Peru is committed to working with us and Water Missions on this project.   We are funding the project with a combination of financial support for the local Rotary Club in Peru, the Districts both here and in Peru, world match funds through TRF, and fundraising efforts locally. The Bluffton Rotary Club is planning a Walk for Water fundraiser in the fall to pay for their financial commitment of this project.

In support of a sustainable water system, this project includes health and hygiene education and training, a local Safe Water Committee to insure the system is maintained and that training will continue, plus a plan to collect affordable safe water fees for usage. The water treatment in Miramar will be powered by solar panels.

Attached is a picture of the canal in Miramar that was taken in February.  The water serves as a source for drinking, bathing, cleaning, watering the animals, washing clothes and dishes and other functions.   It is easy to see the need for clean water.