Action for Autism (AFA) is building a new AFA Academy of the Low Country, where children on the Autism Spectrum and with other neurodevelopmental
delays, ages 1 - 21, can learn, grow and  reach their fullest potential, all while feeling confident, safe and secure in a positive learning environment.
Dan Messmer, Assistant Executive Director for AFA, spoke to the Bluffton Rotary Club about his two children that are on the autism spectrum. With his
personal experience, Dan has made it his mission to provide help for families and special needs children in our area by providing an avenue to
make it better. They hope to open AFA Academy in late August. Messmer also covered some general facts of autism - how the rate of autism has increased
over the past 20 years, stats that boys are more likely than girls to be affected by autism, and autism affects 1 in every 68 children now. For more
information or to get involved, click HERE.