Posted on Mar 14, 2018
Town Councilman, Bluffton Rotary Club member and past president, Dan Wood
spoke to the club with an update on Bluffton. Some items of interest
included: adding new parking along Dr. Mellichamp Drive; a new pocket park
donated to the Town by Eugene Marks in front of Stock Farm development;
sewer improvements along Buck Island and Simmonsville Roads, where ~ 700
residents now have sewer; Town Hall renovations; sidewalks along Goethe,
Buck Island and Shultz Roads; the acquisition of 184 Bluffton Rd. (old Cross
Fit location) for additional parking; the acquisition of 68 Boundary Street
for additional parking; the May River Streetscape that is nearly complete;
the Wright property on Calhoun (across from The Church of the Cross) which
has been cleared and the fence removed; and more street lighting planned for
Lawrence Street. With our rapid growth in Bluffton, the Town is looking
ahead to the historic aspects of our community, keeping safety in mind and
leaving Bluffton as a "walking town". Thank you Councilman Wood, for all you