(Interview by one of our newest Rotarians, Kate McClain)
David Hussey came to Bluffton from Chicago and many of you have heard some of his stories about working for different clubs and hotels there. He has some entertaining stories about his days in Chicago! When I asked him whether he was a Cubs fan—he replied, “Isn’t everybody a Cubs fan?” 
He relocated to Bluffton with his wife, Allison, to be closer to family. After working several years as the director of food and beverage at an island resort, he transitioned into real estate and hasn’t looked back. He works as part of a real estate team with his wife called The Cobb Group. He has four children—Cassie, 34, Annabelle, 29, George, 13 and his youngest, Charlotte, who is 11-years-old. 

One of David’s goals as President is to find ways to help families and children growing up in complicated circumstances. This focus on kids comes from his experience in the foster care system when he was a child. He eventually got his own apartment (on the South side of Chicago) and supported himself by working in a factory while he was still in high school. Speaking with David about his childhood and growing into a young man was truly inspiring. He had some very difficult times, but his attitude and approach to life is unwaveringly positive. As he said: “Just keeping looking forward…every day is a new day. And I always try to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”