At our May 30th meeting, Deborah Burt gave a wrap-up presentation on the International Project in Peru. The community of Ocoto Alto is located in Peru’s northwestern region of Tambogrande, near Piura. Like many communities in Peru, Ocoto Alto lacks access to safe water and adequate sanitation facilities. The majority of the families in this small community earn an average monthly income of $22 as agricultural laborers.This project focused on helping to bring adeqaute sanitation facilities to the citizens of Ocoto Alto specifically by constructing latrines thoughout the community. The original proposal for this project gives more details and facts and is attached here:documents/en-ca/bb6db810-1989-4674-8218-4e7e3a8c3e12/1 Thank you to Deb Burt for all her time and hardwork on this project!