A Hands-On Service Project

Bluffton Rotarians,

As discussed at our recent business meeting, through approval by the Board our club has committed to constructing new oyster tables to become property of the town and to reside at the Oyster Factory.  The tables will be one part of a much larger area improvement per the town’s Oyster Factory Park master plan.  Other features will include additional parking, a pavilion, a floating dock, landscaping and bluff stabilization, all designed to increase the usability and sustainability of the area.  Rotarians along with other community stakeholders have given the town feedback on these plans and I believe we will soon have a much improved area in which to host some of our events.

Although there are not clear construction dates for the bulk of the Oyster Factory Park, we hope to have materials for the oyster tables soon (provided by the town), and therefore we will have plenty of time to complete assembly prior to next year’s Oyster Roast.  Thankfully this project has come just in time to resolve many of the issues created by the dilapidated tables we currently use.  Personally, I’m looking forward to this mini hands-on project that will benefit our club and our community.  If you have any questions or comments, they are always welcome!

 President Wil