President's Pen
Photo by Michele Cleland
Fellow Bluffton Rotarians,

Thanks to the so many of you who helped make our Annual Oyster Roast such a huge success, and especially to Mike Tripka for chairing the event. Attendance at the event was excellent which translates into dollars, but I was even more encouraged by the turn out of you – our club members – for volunteerism which speaks well for the health of our club.

These events always help remind me that Rotary is a 2 part process: you have weekly club meetings and then you have everything else (service projects, fund raisers, conferences, board meetings, etc.). Weekly meetings are the backbone of Rotary. They foster fellowship and help create the platform and lay the groundwork to support the more meaningful actions we take. Those previously mentioned activities outside of our weekly meetings are where the rubber meets the road and where real work gets done, real "doing good" occurs and real fun takes place. The whole of Rotary is therefore certainly greater than the sum of its many individual parts.  Is your personal Rotary experience similar?

President Wil