As part of Foundation Month, individual members of our Club spoke as to the importance of Foundation:
Tony Falgiani was our first speaker.  His wife had polio as a child.  She was in isolation and it was a horrible experience.  Polio is just a person away in this small world.  The work that Foundation does through Polio Plus in its effort to eradicate polio is important to him and was one of the main reasons why he joined our club.

Deborah Burt was our second speaker.  Deborah had a year of work where she had to travel a lot.  After that year she reflected on what she wanted to do to help make the world a better place.  She looked at a lot of charitable organizations that she believed do good for all of humankind.  As she was reviewing each of these organizations the one thing she found in common was that each of them was connected to Foundation.  Deborah was already a member of our club and was pleased to see how important Foundation is to each of these organizations.  The result of her research was that she decided to become a Paul Harris Fellow.

Dee Dee Graham was our third speaker.  Dee Dee spoke about various Foundation projects our Club has previously participated in.  In particular he spoke about partnering with another local club and raising money to provide medical equipment to a third world county.  Our Club was able to send a shipping container full of medical equipment to a county that was in desperate need for these supplies.  In particular, the local hospital’s x-ray machine had been broken for years and they were using a portable x-ray machine.  If that broke, they had no back up.  We were able to provide them with another portable x-ray machine.  Additionally, Dee Dee saw one patient whose leg was in traction and that traction was simply a milk jug and rope.  We were able to provide that patent with proper traction supplies.
Lastly, individual members of our club spoke up about the wonderful things that Foundation does including providing clean and sustainable water and its efforts to promote literacy.