At our last club meeting, we welcomed several potential new members to our meeting on Zoom. We are so thankful for our long-time club members
and all the new folks who are interested in Rotary and supporting our community. A Zoom meeting screen shot is below. 
Also, during the meeting we discussed the plan for future club meetings. Starting in April, we will go back to four meetings a month--a meeting every Wednesday morning--and the meetings will be in-person and virtual on Zoom.
Steve Miller gave us an update about the Rotary Club Foundation and reported that our club has met it's foundation goal for the year and our club is the 5th club in the district in annual foundation fund giving this year!
We heard from Jim Evans--he is working with Bluffton schools to find a safe way to have our Happy Feet event.
We will update the club when we have more information; however, the hope is that we can schedule it for mid-March. 
A call went out to all club members for any fundraising ideas you may have--please share them with the Board or let Joanie know if you have an idea for a fundraising activity. We are looking for some new and creative ideas!
We also need donations of books for the Free Little Libraries.
We can use children and adult books to replenish the little libraries.
Deborah Burt let us know that the International Water Project is complete. The next step is the commissioning ceremony, but it was postponed due to a Covid-19 spike near the village. Once the ceremony is rescheduled--she will send the club an email with the Zoom link so we can participate remotely.