At our last meeting, we honored a first responder from the community to show our appreciation for his hardwork and dedication to the citizens of Bluffton. We recognized first responder Bluffton Police Department Lieutenant Michael Danyov. Thank you Lt. Danyov for your tireless service for the citizens of Bluffton!
When we asked for nominations, we received the following email regarding Lt. Danyov from Captain Donald Chandler:
"This is what Lt. Danyov does for this community and what he means to the department. Prior to joining to the police department, he worked for the Beaufort County Clerk of Courts.  He has always had a servant’s heart. Within the department he has worked in patrol, investigations, training, emergency management and is now assigned as the Lieutenant over Special Operations. He has played a pivotal role as the emergency management Sergeant during all the recent hurricanes, snowstorm and lately the pandemic. He has always kept the safety and well being of the community at the forefront of his duties. Lt. Danyov has overseen all special events within the Town of Bluffton.  Ensuring that these events happen without a hitch and that all guests enjoy their time and leave with long lasting impression of what a wonderful town Bluffton truly is. He has always worked long hours to make this happen. Whether it is meeting with event organizers, transporting cones and barricades, or working the events. Lt. Danyov lives in the Town of Bluffton with his wife and daughter (who is a local high school student).  His son recently graduated college and was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army.  In the little free time that he has, he plays on the department soft ball team competing against other local teams.
I believe that Lieutenant Danyov deserves to be recognized because of his continued selfless acts to improve the lives of his teammates and fellow citizens of Bluffton. He does this with a great attitude and without any expectation of being recognized for his actions."
For all those reasons and more, we chose to honor Lt. Danyov for his servicee to our community.