Historically the Rotary Club of Bluffton has received and granted funds periodically to nonprofit organizations that serve the Greater Bluffton community.  In 2018, the Club's Board of Directors approved a more formal charitable giving process in hopes of making it beneficial and more fair to all concerned.  
Financial requests (for less than $500) and service requests (fill out form below and email to: rcob.charitable@gmail.com and will be evaluated upon receipt.
Larger financial requests will be evaluated quarterly, according to the schedule supplied in the grant application (fill out form below and email to: rcob.charitable@gmail.com and will be evaluate upon receipt.
Rotary Quarter Deadlines:
○ Quarter 1 - March 1-May 31 (submit by 5/31)
○ Quarter 2 - June 1-August 30 (submit by 8/30)
○ Quarter 3 - September 1-November 30 (submit by 11/30)
○ Quarter 4 - December 1-February 28 (submit by 2/28)