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We meet Wednesdays at 7:30 AM
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Spring has finally sprung in Bluffton! I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful and thriving community and to be a part of our Bluffton Rotary Club, where we routinely put Service Above Self and help support our growing town. This is a good time to thank you all, for all you do!
Our Assistant Governor, David Tirard, visited our club last week to present our District and Presidential Citation awards. Thanks to Patrick, who led our club to achieve these two prestigious awards. We also inducted Paige Castle last week, as a new member. We are fortunate to have Paige as a member and appreciate all her help in chartering the new University of South Carolina Beaufort Rotaract Club, jointly sponsored with the Hilton Head Rotary Club. The new club will have their Induction Ceremony later this month.

Also, later this month on Wednesday, April 30, we are having another Business Expo event. Instead of our normal Wednesday morning breakfast meeting, we will meet at the Rotary Community Center at 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Tom Faber has organized this event to help with business networking. There will be Happy Hour, Speed Networking, food and prizes. Plan to attend and bring a guest…but don’t come for breakfast, because you won’t find any!

Then right around the corner, on May 10th, is our Bluffton Village Festival, our largest fund raiser! We’ll have about 200 vendors up and down Calhoun Street, selling arts & crafts and some great food, plus several non-profits organizations. Richard Coffield and May River Realty are once again sponsoring the Ugly Dog contest and we’ll have the pie eating contest again this year too. There’ll be plenty of entertainment, plus adult (and other) beverages flowing from two beer trucks this year. The festival has been extended one hour, at the request of vendors and will run from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm this year.

We’re looking for all members to volunteer, so please sign up to help either Friday night with set-up and vendor arrivals, Saturday morning with vendor set-up, parking, greeters, clean-up during the day, working the beverage or merchandise tents, clean up at the end of the day…plenty to do for everyone, including children and spouses. This is a fun event and a great chance to see everybody in Bluffton!

We’ll have posters again this week, to put in your businesses, and volunteer sign-up sheets over the next few weeks. Thanks for supporting this event – a “gift” we give to Bluffton – visitors and residents alike, the day before Mother’s Day each year!
Happy Easter to you and your families and safe travels for anyone on the road this week.
Yours in Rotary,

Adrienne Sutton, principal at MC Riley Elementary School introduces our March Students of the Month, Cooper Todt. Cooper's parents, Marci and Brad, were along for the recognition too. Cooper received a certification for his hard work and a $50 gift certificate.

The newly chartered Rotaract Club of University of South Carolina at Beaufort students and sponsors took an alternative spring break last month, to work in New Orleans. They helped build Habitat for Humanity houses, plus various other projects needed. Paige Frankovich, a freshman, Paige Castle, USCB sponsor, Bethany Brown, Co-VP and a freshman, and Daniel Northcutt, club treasurer and a junior, share their experiences with the Bluffton Rotary Club. The Bluffton Rotary Club helped fund the new club's alternative spring break. The Rotaract Club of University of South Carolina at Beaufort is co-sponsored by the Bluffton and the Hilton Head Island Rotary Clubs.

Seven out of 10 Americans either hate their jobs or are completely disengaged, and not even incentives or extras can get them interested, according to a national Gallup poll in 2013.
That wasn’t surprising news to Anthony Mattis, a Bluffton chiropractor and life coach who spoke to Bluffton Rotarians.
“I was noticing that more and more patients at my clinic were on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs,” Mattis said. “They had no get up and go. They were just dragging.”
Mattis describes himself as a different sort of chiropractor with a more “holistic” approach that focuses on treating the root causes of symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves.  And all too often, he says, the causes of people’s ailments aren’t physical.
The secret to happiness, he says, is to make important life decisions based on your individual passions.
Mattis says that he was shattered three years ago when his wife, who had battled mental illness, committed suicide.
“That left me on my knees,” he said. “I thought, ‘What now?’ “
Mattis began working with “The Passion Test,” which he describes as a tool that people can use to identify their five true passions in life. He conducts workshops with groups and counsels people individually.
“God has imprinted a gift in each of us, but sometimes those gifts get suppressed,” Mattis says.  “What I help people do is discover those gifts.  I help them gain awareness of the gifts they have inside – gifts that they’ve got no idea are there.”
Mattis advocates focusing on three core principles:
• Intention – “Constantly state what you want from life.”
• Attention – “Focus your attention on what you want from life.”
• Commitment – “Identify your passions.”

“The idea is that whenever you’re faced with a decision about a choice or an opportunity, always make those choices based on your passions.”

Two new members were inducted into the club on Wednesday, March 19:  Lisa Hayes, sponsored by Sidney Jones, and Tony Falgiani, sponsored by Steve Miller.

Don't forget:
Please bring a new children's book to Rotary on Wednesday. Our District is requesting NEW books to help set-up a school in Charleston that does not have a library. Any new children’s book will be a great addition, ages 0 – 14. If you wish to donate a book, please bring it this week. Either Steve Tilton or Brooks Williams will take them to the District Conference in Charleston this weekend. Help celebrate Literacy Month by contributing a book to a new library. Books are a great gift for children!

What if there was a pill you could take that would make you considerably healthier and have no unhealthy side effects?
Sue Salmons told Bluffton Rotarians that such a magical “pill” already exists – exercise.
Salmons, a Moss Creek resident who is an exercise physiologist and cardiac rehab expert, said that a sustained and comprehensive exercise regimen will help a person:
• Decrease blood pressure.
• Avoid weight gain.
• Control or prevent diabetes.
• Decrease the chances of depression.
• Live longer.
• Boost the immune system.
“The No. 1 cause of premature death among Americans is a sedentary lifestyle,” Salmons said.  “No. 2 is smoking, and No. 3 is cancer.”
Aerobic exercise – activities such as walking, biking, dancing and working out on cardio machines – improves blood vessel health, makes muscle fibers more efficient and strengthens heart muscles.
Anaerobic exercise – more intense short-term exertions such as weight-lifting or sprinting – increases muscle mass, mobility, ease of movement, joint stability and metabolic rates.
Salmons uses the acronym FITT to outline her advice:
• Frequency – Exercising three to five times a week is good, but six to seven times is better.
• Intensity – Moderate to vigorous exercise is needed for the best results.
• Time – Thirty to 60 minutes of daily exercise is needed for the best results.
• Type – Determining what types of exercise will help people meet their individual goals is key.  One effective schedule is doing aerobic exercise Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with weight-lifting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Although many people say that they don’t have enough time to exercise every day, Salmons believes that it’s all about personal priorities.
“Which fits your schedule better?” she asked.  “Sixty minutes of exercise every day, or 24 hours of every day being dead?”
Salmons’ advice?
“Start low and aim high,” she said.  “Set realistic goals and work your way toward those goals.  And remember that your body was made to move and made to work.  Take the magic pill and make it a way of life.”

We are well into March and actually getting a “breather” right now, after a very active January and February. Enjoy it while we can!

First, we want to once again wish Patrick well in his move to Nashville and new job. He arrived just in time for an ice storm, but like the rest of us, spring has to be just around the corner now. And more on Patrick…a little birdie told me he and Laura are getting married soon, so Congratulations to both! If he was still with us, we’d make him donate to our CART fund.

We are very excited to induct two new members this month. Please join me in welcoming Lisa Hayes, sponsored by Sidney Jones, and Tony Falgiani, a transfer sponsored by Steve Miller, into our club tomorrow! We are always looking for new members, new ideas and new workers.

For Literacy Month (March), our District is requesting NEW books to help set-up a school in Charleston that does not have a library. Any new children’s book will be a great addition, ages 0 – 14. If you wish to donate a book, please bring it this week or next Wednesday (March 26); either Steve Tilton or Brooks Williams will take them to the District Conference in Charleston.

Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is offering Part 1 of their 3 part leadership series on Saturday, May 3rd at our Rotary Community Center. Part 1 covers what being a Rotarian means. This is a great opportunity for any new or established Rotarian to participate and learn more. Please let me know if you are interested.
Right around the corner, coming soon, is the Bluffton Village Festival. Mike Covert is chairing the event this year and has been busying getting his committee organized and working hard on details. The festival this year is on Saturday, May 10…always, the weekend of Mother’s Day. Please mark your calendars for a fun day, hard work and a major fund-raiser for our club!

Thanks again to you all for your support as interim president, filling in for Patrick! After running into past District Governor Ed Duryea last weekend, I found out I am a “recycled” President! Well, we do strive to be GREEN now.

Top of the day to you….stay green for March.

Yours in Rotary,

Dot Jeger


With so many high visible and highly priced residential neighborhoods, it can be easy to overlook the fact that Beaufort County is home to thousands of people who live in poverty.
Those residents often have little or no access to health care, and filling that gap is the mission of AccessHealth Lowcountry, a new program that works to link uninsured 19- to 64-year-olds with providers who offer free or reduced-price services.
“Everybody knows somebody who is uninsured or underinsured, and we are there to help,” Program Director Debbie Slazyk told Bluffton Rotarians.  “Many people, even though they have jobs and work every day, aren’t insured.  And the main barriers to care are either financial or geographical.”
For many people with little or no insurance, their primary care provider is a hospital emergency room – which Slazyk called a very expensive but avoidable proposition.  AccessHealth Lowcountry’s services include helping people apply for insurance, linking them with local providers who provide low-cost or donated services, and even providing gas vouchers or transportation to a network of free clinics.
One local provider of health services for the poor, Volunteers in Medicine, had 33,000 visits last year.
Planning for AccessHealth Lowcountry began in 2009, and the primary funding boost can in 2009 with a half-million-dollar two-year grant from the Duke Endowment.  Slazyk said her organization hopes to get refunded by the Duke Endowment in May.
Developing a network of free dental care providers is an area of emphasis for HealthAccess Lowcountry.  Slazyk told Bluffton Rotarians that dental problems are one of the primary reasons that uninsured people visit emergency rooms, where their pain is often treated with antibiotics that don’t address the underlying problem.  Almost inevitably, additional emergency room visits follow.
Headquartered at Beaufort Memorial Hospital,  AccessHealth Lowcountry is one of 10 South Carolina hospital association networks created to help uninsured patients get care and manage medical needs. The program is a broader model for a healthy outcomes initiative that focuses on patients who frequently use hospitals' emergency services, Slazyk said.

As I write my final President’s Pen, I want to sincerely thank each of you for allowing me to be a part of this great club and to serve as your president. As I mentioned at last week’s meeting, I will be resigning as president effective at the end of February. For personal reasons and my desire to return home, I have accepted a position with a small commercial bank in Nashville and will begin there in early March.   My family will join me in June after my boys finish out the school year. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Bluffton, and it has been a pleasure getting to know and work alongside each of you.

Dot Jeger has graciously agreed to serve out my term as president, and Steve Miller will begin ramping up for his year in June. I am deeply thankful for the depth of leadership in this club and for the willingness of so many to step up and lead. 

As we look toward the end of the 2013-2014 Rotary year, we still have a number of activities ahead of us in the late winter and spring.There will be some other activities and events in addition to the ones noted below, so plan to take full advantage of the various offerings of our club.

On February 28th we will host a blood drive at the Rotary Center from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Please sign up to give if you are able and help spread the word to your friends, associates and family. The severe winter weather has caused a supply shortage, so the timing of our event is particularly important. We will be partnering with the Okatie club in this day-long event so please give it your full support.

Also, coming up on March 28-30 is our district conference in Charleston at the downtown Marriott. This is a fun event to celebrate our successes for the current year with the other clubs in our district. For the first time and for those who can only attend a portion of the conference, there is the option of attending the (1) opening luncheon on Friday, (2) the opening dinner on Friday evening, and (3) the Saturday evening dinner and awards ceremony. Please let me know if you would like to attend all or a portion of the conference.  The early registration deadline is March 10.

Finally, the organizational team for the 36th annual Bluffton Village Festival is off and running in planning for this year’s event set for May 10, 2014.  Chairman Mike Covert recently held his first meeting with his leadership team, and he will do an outstanding job in pulling this event together. Please give Mike and his team your full support as it does take a “village” of Rotarians and other volunteers to make this a successful festival.

I look forward to watching this club continue to flourish and do great things in Bluffton and around the world. I wish each of you and your families the very best, and please know how much I have enjoyed being a part of this community and the Bluffton Rotary Club!

Yours in Rotary,
Patrick Wright 


“People have the idea that Beaufort is a county of wealth with pockets of poverty, but in reality it’s quite the opposite,” Krupa told Bluffton Rotarians.  “We’re actually a county of poverty with pockets of wealth.”
Working with volunteers and assistance from seven churches and one temple, the Bluffton Backpack Buddies operation now serves 400 children in seven area schools.  Feedback from teachers, counselors and school social workers has been very positive, Krupa said.
Educators say that students who go hungry have difficulty concentrating on schoolwork and are more susceptible to illnesses.
Through the Backpack Buddies program, food is purchased in bulk, bagged at central locations and sent in packs to schools that distribute it through student “clubs” with names like “Sammy’s Super Snackers.”
An additional “Summer Nutrition Club” expansion of the program gives qualifying students vouchers to use over the summer to spend on fruits and vegetables at the Bluffton Farmer’s Market.  Students love that program, Krupa said, as do the vendors at the farmer’s market.
Bluffton Rotary Club President Patrick Wright said the club is investigating ways that the club might partner with Backpack Buddies.

Bluffton Rotary President Patrick Wright inducted new member Michael Putich during our December 11 meeting, as sponsor Quinn Baldree looks on. Welcome Michael!


The Board approved the donation of $1,000 to purchase a “shelter box” for Filipinos left homeless in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.  Each shelter box supplies an extended family with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless.  That will include blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack and other vital items.  For more information, visit Shelter Box.

In other Board action, Christopher Epps and Bill Epps were proposed as new members, and the resignation was accepted from Rob Lowery, who will be moving to a Beaufort-area club.  A slate of officers will be proposed for 2014 in December.

President Patrick Wright reported that Steve Miller had stepped in as interim club treasurer to replace John George, who stepped down to take on additional responsibilities in his business.

Linda Powers of the United Way of the Lowcountry thanked Bluffton Rotarians for supporting the United Way and its partner agencies that provide direct services to local people in need.

“We sponsor very specific projects and programs that are out-come based, whose results are measurable,” Powers said.

Among those projects is a tutoring program that placed 170 volunteers in eight elementary schools to tutor students and help build their reading skills.  So far, students who have worked with United Way-sponsored tutors have improved their reading abilities.

Powers encouraged Rotarians to help the United Way in achieving this year’s $2.3 million campaign goal.



Michael C. Riley Elementary School teacher Doris Beishir helps a student pick out a pair of shoes on Saturday at the Bluffton Rotary Club’s annual “Happy Feet” event at Payless Shoes.  Rotarians treated more than 163 students at Michael C. Riley, Red Cedar and Bluffton elementary schools to free pairs of shoes.




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