We had an action-packed business meeting with lots to recognize!
John Anderson and his wife presented Mr. Michael Hodges, Department of Natural Resources South Carolina Oyster Recycling and Enhancement (SCORE) representative with a $5,000 donation. These funds contribute to the Oyster Reef restoration process which allows our club and community to enjoy our local oyster roasts. For more information: https://score.dnr.sc.gov
Student of the Month:
PHF: 15 Paul Harris Fellows (PHF) awarded!
- Ed Marcum
- Tom Middleton
- Charlie Wetmore
PHF +1
- Megan Mack
- Sarah Reed
- Dan McMahon
- Dana Marsh
- Steve Wallace
PHF +2
- Carol Branch
- Rob Darling
- Linda Gustafson
PHF +3
- Mary O'Neill
PHF +5
- Don Kensey
PHF +6
- David Hussey
PHF +8
- Dot Jeger